This is my happy place.


Floral experiments

I dislike watercolors – they ruin easily, are temperamental in terms of drying and require patience. 

I have decided to master it anyway. 

Day 1 

Day 2


Untitled # 1

A friend of mine wanted me to sketch this out for him so that he could put it up on his wall. I don’t really know what it is, but a fleet of these could prove useful in zombie attacks.

Still Life 1

Very poor picture quality, unfortunately this is the only clean shot I have of this. I think it’s from some Italian statue thing that we have, not sure though. 2001 was 10 years ago, and I used to sketch random things back then.


I’ve always thought of Vanessa Paradis as a stunning woman. Of course, I made her look like a female version of Voldemort. I also need to take a better photograph of this.

Million Dollar Hotel

I am a big U2 fan, and that is an understatement. Ground Beneath Her Feet is one their best songs and is massively underrated. If this rings a bell, you’ve probably seen the video for the song.

P.S. My photography skills aren’t quite sharp as yet.


Acoustic Guitar

I like the effect of rotting paper. Makes this look rather retro.

Portrait #1

This is my grandfather, he passed away when I was really young. I don’t really remember when this is from and it’s hard to tell from the photo, but I would guess circa 2002/2003. This is also the first portrait I’ve done of a real person.

Random Flowers

This is also from a photograph, unfortunately I’ve lost the original one. Never really had a flower fancy, but oh well.

Rain in Charcoal & Graphite

This is Danny Santos. He’s a street photographer in Singapore, and he takes amazing shots. This is my rendition of one of his bad weather shots, though, rain is never bad weather, unless you’re from London.