This is my happy place.



I’ve always thought of Vanessa Paradis as a stunning woman. Of course, I made her look like a female version of Voldemort. I also need to take a better photograph of this.

Crossing Borders

Abandoned rail tracks, was once a passage from India to Bangladesh.

Million Dollar Hotel

I am a big U2 fan, and that is an understatement. Ground Beneath Her Feet is one their best songs and is massively underrated. If this rings a bell, you’ve probably seen the video for the song.

P.S. My photography skills aren’t quite sharp as yet.


PWND by Shawn Barry

My friend and one of my favorite people on the planet right now, Shawn Barry, made this painting with freshly acquired oil painting skills.

We’ve recently been tied up in the “You are the better artist” complimenting each other war, but what Shawn doesn’t realize is that he had me PWND from day 1 because (A) he has digital art mastered and (B) has a Facebook fan following. And then once in a while, he triple pwns like this.

Acoustic Guitar

I like the effect of rotting paper. Makes this look rather retro.

Say hello to my little friend

This is Figaro, or Figgy. Say hi.

Portrait #1

This is my grandfather, he passed away when I was really young. I don’t really remember when this is from and it’s hard to tell from the photo, but I would guess circa 2002/2003. This is also the first portrait I’ve done of a real person.

Random Flowers

This is also from a photograph, unfortunately I’ve lost the original one. Never really had a flower fancy, but oh well.

Rain in Charcoal & Graphite

This is Danny Santos. He’s a street photographer in Singapore, and he takes amazing shots. This is my rendition of one of his bad weather shots, though, rain is never bad weather, unless you’re from London.

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